The Top 6 Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

By | September 21, 2022

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So you need dedicated hosting, but you don’t want to spend a fortune in the process? We get that. This article will explore the pros and cons of the six cheapest dedicated hosting plans on the market, so you can choose the best value plan for your website.

But first, what exactly is dedicated hosting, and why do you need it?

With dedicated hosting, you have a whole server dedicated to your website. This means your website isn’t competing with other sites for bandwidth, and shouldn’t go down if you get a surge in traffic. Load times should also stay fairly high, so you aren’t keeping your customers waiting.

You should definitely get dedicated hosting if your website:

  • Gets thousands of visits per week
  • Is an ecommerce site stocking 30+ products

If your website is at the stage where you need a dedicated hosting plan, it’s proof that things are going well. But no matter how well your website is doing, forking out $500+ for pricey dedicated server hosting never feels great. And you really don’t need to spend that much, especially if you’re only just making the move up from VPS, cloud or shared hosting.

We’ve carried out extensive research into dedicated server hosting. By cross-referencing the features, prices and help on offer from the best hosts on the market, we’ve not only found the cheapest dedicated server hosting providers, but the best providers, too.

The Top 6 Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosts Are:

  1. Bluehost – $79.99/month
  2. GoDaddy – $95.98/month
  3. InMotion – $105.69/month
  4. HostGator – $118.99/month
  5. iPage – $119.99/month
  6. A2 Hosting – $141.09/month

We’ll take a closer look at these providers, and what you’re really getting for your money. You can see how we’ve scored the three cheapest dedicated server providers below:

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