LESCO – The Lifeline

Lesco power plant portrait

LESCO is only electricity distributor company across most of the districts of Punjab, like Okara, Sheikhupura, Lahore, Kasur, Nankana.

LESCO stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company.

WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) is the higher authority that is managing LESCO.

LESCO was established in 2001 to make a separate framework of WAPDA.

WAPDA was charging as a package before. It was AEB (Area Electricity Board) previously.

In the year 2014, it has a total of 141 sub-stations. One hundred thirty-four stations were producing 132KV of power, and seven stations are providing 66KV of power. LESCO has been fantastic throughout the journey to establish itself as an organization, and they are working on increasing power production.


LESCO has been the only electricity distributor company across most of the districts of Punjab. Below is the list of multiple districts

  • Kasur
  • Lahore
  • Okara
  • Nankana
  • Skeikhupura


There are three circles in LESCO organizational structure which include divisions and subdivisions as follows

  • Operational
  • Constructional
  • GSO

LESCO Operational Circle

There is a total of 8 circles included in the operational circle. Below are the details for the operational circles

1. North Lahore Circle

  • It consists of 5 divisions, 5 CSO, and 24 sub-divisions.
  • It has a 132KV grid station.
  • Manager Operation: Itrat Hussain.
  • Phone: 042-99330021

2. Central Lahore Circle

  • It consists of 6 divisions, 5 CSO, and 24 sub-divisions.
  • Manager Operation: Muhammad Naeem
  • Phone: 042-99260160

3.  Eastern Lahore Circle

  • It consists of 4 divisions, 4 CSO, and 22 sub-divisions
  • Manager Operation: Muhammad Rasheed
  • Phone: 99250043

4.  Okara Circle

  • It consists of 4 divisions, 4 CSO, and 21 sub-divisions
  • Manager Operation: Allahyar Khan
  • Phone: 044-9200201

5.  Southern Lahore Circle

  • It consists of 4 divisions, 4 CSO, and 21 sub-divisions
  • Manager Operation: Manzoor Hussain
  • Phone: 99264046

6.  Sheikhupura Circle

  • It consists of 5 divisions, 5 CSO, and 22 sub-divisions
  • Manager Operation: Muhammad Asif Nadeem
  • Phone: 056-9200206

7.  Kasur Circle

  • It consists of 5 divisions, 5 CSO, and 27 sub-divisions
  • Manager Operation: Nasir Ayaz Khan
  • Phone: 049-9250261

8.  Nankana Circle

  • It consists of 4 divisions, 4 CSO, and 16 sub-divisions
  • Manager Operation: Rana Muhammad Ayub Khan
  • Phone: 056-9201094

LESCO M&T Circle

There is a total of 2 circles included in the M&T circle. Below are the details for the operational circle

  • Metering & Testing Circle 1 – 3 Divisions
  • Metering & Testing Circle 2 – 3 Divisions

LESCO Construction Circle

  • It consists of 6 divisions.
  • Project Director: Abdul Mannan Mangi
  • It has a 132KV grid station.
  • Phone: 042-35231104


  • It consists of 3 divisions.
  • Manager Grid System Operation: Rana Istiaqat Ahmad
  • It has a 132KV grid station.
  • Phone: 042-99214202


  • Officers: 531
  • Non-technical Staff: 9928
  • Technical Staff: 12916


LESCO has departments for the management of the company and power system, which are as follows.

  5. LEGAL


  • Consolidate different departments and sector’s needs
  • Manage, negotiate, evaluate, and monitor the contractors.
  • Arrangements and supervision of the security measures in offices.
  • Manages the central record room and transport pool of the company.
  • Maintain timely payments, insurance, taxes, and department policies
  • Covers up any duty assigned by CEO LESCO.


  • Measures against electricity theft
  • Management of effective electricity and Lesco electricity tariff-related matters.
  • Monitoring the line losses, recovery processes, specialized electricity consumption, and policies of customer services.
  • Settling the consumer’s issues within time.
  • Compilation of the statistical data.
  • Comercial policy implementation.
  • It helps in regulating the billings.


  • Finance responsibilities are under the financial directorate.
  • He is a Financial advisor having the responsibility of the company sector and works on strategic decision making and financial activities.


  • Create a working environment and enhance the performance of employees.
  • Develop a support system to keep people on pace with changing job demands.
  • Designing a human resource plan for small goals of the company
  • Govern the actions of the company according to HR management.


  • Regulates the legal issues of the company, including Lesco complaint, rules, electricity acts, and other amendments.


  • Operation and maintenance of distribution, sub-transmission, and grid system.

IT department:

  • 26 computer centers all over Pakistan
  • Developments of Computerized billing software of the electricity bills.
  • Wapda computer center Lahore is attached to LESCO and having sub-divisions in Sheikhupura and Okara.


  • Electrical distribution, transmission, and grid station planning and development.
  • Material procurement
  • Construction of the developmental system


The project under process includes the development, distribution, installation, and commissioning advanced metering projects of the fifth and second circle of the system, customer service, and billing system for LAHORE ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY (LESCO)

Loan No.3328/ 3329: Second Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program – Tranche 1 ADB-SPDEIP-Tranche 1- AMI Project-LESCO Package 1.2


Under the Asian Development Bank(ADB) loan, LESCO has begun a new project of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

  • This project is initiated to cover up around 1.7 million consumers.
  • 2nd, which is the central circle, and 5th, which is southern circles, are included in this project
  • This project also focuses on the modernized billing system for the entire company.


The central aims of this project are as follow:

  • Increased improvement in revenue collection and reduction in distribution losses.
  • Enhance the control of load and manages it.
  • Analyzing and providing all of the automated consumption data of customers.
  • Introducing advanced metering and billing system.

The funds for metering, communication, and billing system with support and installation infrastructure will be provided by the investment program.


LESCO is assigned to maintain the distribution of electric power all over the allotted regions. Over the years, we have gained a leading name in the power companies. The primary target is to meet the expectations of the consumers and develop the company. Following are the things LESCO do as a power distribution company:

  • We maintain a stable electricity system for the consumers that are provided to your homes and office without any disruption.
  • We safely link the offices and homes to the electric power and stable the connection.
  • We restore the disrupted power and come into action in every power-related emergency.
  • We take the readings of your meter accurately and charge according to the consumption within time.
  • We resolve the issues related to loading shading, metering, billing, or any other problem related to the electric supply.
  • We create a record of the electricity consumption and any other retailer choice you have made regarding the electricity.


To be known as the leading and highly efficient Electricity supply company of Pakistan in the development and distribution of electric power.

Our primary focus is to be responsible and ensure the safety of the workers and the public. We ensure to build strong relationships within and outside of the distribution areas to grow the company.


To provide the most efficient and uninterrupted power supply. The safety and security of our valuable consumers is the target point of our mission. Our essential aim is to brighten up the lives and contribute to the country’s economy with long-term benefits. We do have plans to facilitate every user with Lesco bill calculator within 1-2 years.

We only talk about the satisfaction of our customers by serving them with the best customer care, which is available 24 hours to attend to the complaint and resolve them within no time.

We endeavor to develop the communities we operate by serving them with maximum capacity at a minimal cost of electric power.

We strive to ensure that:

  • To supply a Clean and steady flow of electric power without any disruption
  • To produce cost-effective and high-quality electricity for consumers.
  • To provide bills and meter reading on time with proper supervision and accuracy.
  • To restore disrupted electric power and distribute.
  • To facilitate the consumers with the best by providing the best customer services and get feedback from them.
  • To keep the doors open for any problems of consumers and employees.
  • To create unity in the employees and innovative steps for the welfare of every employee.
  • Take steps to make LESCO a leading company in the electric power market.
  • To facilitate every village around the region for developmental purposes.
  • To focus on the agricultural and industrial sectors within the region.


We drive core values to maintain our pride in the power sector.


Customers are not just the consumers of our electric distribution; they are the core of the success of LESCO. We value our customers by providing high-quality services and immediate responses to the problems they face. Coming into action in the complained areas is our superpower. We ensure to satisfy the customer according to his needs and improve the supply of electricity within their range.

We demonstrate professionalism in the team works to set out amazing results according to the capability of each individual. We focus on providing quality services and run a business effectively by targeting the needs of every consumer.


For the development and gaining the trust of consumers, our pride is, to be honest and responsible in our team works. Being fair and respectful to our customers as well as consumers is our key to success.


Generate the system with complete transparency and ethical values, ensuring to follow moral standards towards our customers and company principles.


Our customers are strongly satisfied with our excellent work. We achieve progress in day to day work. We ensure to raise the quality and standards of our company concerning consumer’s demands.


For development and innovative strategies, the unification of the team is the real key. LESCO provides an environment workplace for all of the employees to contribute to the common business objectives. Our team works together with the whole heart to make perfect decisions for the business.


In our organization, we encourage leadership, development, and innovation at every level. Our responsible seniors provide open dialogues, share knowledge, experience, and tools to succeed with new teammates. They empower and encourage every individual to work efficiently within time.


LESCO mainly targets the completion of every developmental program within the time and whole responsibility. Every individual is accountable for the decisions that are made for the progress of the company.


We are committed to our employee’s satisfaction and safety. We provide a safe and friendly work environment for every employee, where they can openly communicate and share their ideas. At every level, we encourage our employees and reward them timely on their achievements. The promotion of employees following government rules and policy and treating everyone with respect across the board is essential for us. So that we could promote manpower according to the capability of every individual working in the system. We fill the gaps and promote open communication.


Since LESCO came into existence, it has served customers beyond its capability. With great teamwork, it has achieved a lot of success in the development of this innovative company, which is as follow:

  • Formation of the most significant ERP system and model sub-division.
  • Facilitating the customer to pay off the bills within the nearest branch of bank and post offices.
  • Precise and uniform bill detection policy
  • Providing detailed and stable 1-year bill estimation on the bill.
  • Chief executive customer center, Call center, and customer service centers for serving the public in each circle.
  • For bill-related affairs and any other query, Customer service within the mobile.
  • Internet facility in every LESCO and all the sister company like FESCO, GEPCO, HESCO, QESCO and SEPCO offices.
  • Open forum for the immediate solution of the employee’s problems.
  • Establishment of new field offices and co-location of the XEN and RO offices near the regions.


LESCO is one of the leading power distribution companies which facilitates its consumers with a clean and smooth power supply. It looks ahead to a secure future for its consumers and assures the rise of the country’s economy in electric power sectors.

Every other person has a mobile. And our goal is to widen up the mobile customer service for customers all over the circles. With this fast technology, the ease to reach and communicate is essential to develop the company.

Run at our best and develop LT/HT proposals under System Augmentation Program (SAP). It’s important to rehabilitate the distribution system for a decrease in energy loss and supply power without disruption.

Get to the mounts of developments in commercial and corporatization plans—execution of development program within less time and accurately for the bright future of our consumers.

Spreading and development of existing grid station and transmission line. We are looking to form new grid stations in the future as well.

For the formation of the field, they are buying new transportations and conversion of petrol-based vehicles to CNG.


The management of the safety and health of the employees is the point of attention in any of the organizations. LESCO seeks light on safety as well for the bright future of the company employees.

Chief Executive Officer LESCO is a responsible and proactive leader for the management of the cultural safety of the system at all levels. As a leading officer, he is taking steps, and the LESCO board of directors is also involved in it and arranged a committee recently on “Health and safety environment” for safety improvement.

Implementation and strict observance of safety measures and rules, safety parades, and SOPs of practices. The transformation of safety culture is important for development.

An experienced and dedicated team is assigned to supervise safety practices, rules, and regulations.

LESCO strives to bring change and implement the ideas on the system in a safe manner by training and developing the employees. You can contact Lesco helpline anytime to file a complaint.

Across all the sub-divisions, there are training plans designed by the HR directorate on Behavior-Based Safety(BBS) and technical skills.


To deal with electric power-related problems. It’s essential to take safety measures and keep yourself safe from any kind of electric power circuits. Such as:

  • Do not use bare wires and conductors for the extension of the electric wires.
  • Do not hand recently washed wet clothes on the electric wire.
  • Do not touch metallic and exposed parts of electric machines, motors, fans, and fridges with bare hands without the removal of electricity connection.
  • Use proper size fuses, plugs, switches, and use capacitors(MCBs) with ACs.
  • Cover the switches within the range of children.
  • For refrigerators, freezers, and television, e.tc, always use voltage regulators, which operate automatically with a delayed start.


LESCO provides different types of connection depending on the need of the user

  1. Temporary
  2. Residential Colonies
  3. Agriculture
  4. Industrial
  5. Commercial
  6. Domestic
  7. General Services
  8. Street Lights


LESCO has provided the option to check the LESCO bill online, and even you can print it as well. Customer ID and Reference number are the two requirements to review the LESCO bill online. This is the best option if the users have lost their bill or didn’t receive it. There is no need to visit any power station or any office, you can get the LESCO bill online by following the exact procedure as explained on our website. There are options whether you can download the duplicated bill or print it out.



They are offering nine different types of LESCO new connection. The process begins with the identification of the user’s needs. Once the user knows what kind of connection, he is looking for, then the next step will be form submissions. It can be done in 2 ways, you can either fill the online form, or you can submit it physically in the office. There are 7 steps to apply for it and we have explained the exact guide on how you can apply for a new connection. The important thing to keep in mind is that if the documents/user is fake then the higher authorities of Pakistan can take legal actions against the applicant.


As the days are passing, few graduates are becoming a part of the industry. It does offer a great part when it comes to offering new jobs. Usually, LESCO jobs are available after a specific interval of time and fresh graduates can apply for them. Below is the complete guide on how to find the LESCO jobs, how to analyze them, and how to apply for them.


How can I check the LESCO bill?

To check the LESCO bill, you need to know your Customer ID or Reference number printed on the bill. Either of the options can review it by using your customer ID or Reference number.

How can I submit my LESCO bill online?

To submit your bill online, you can use your online banking (make sure that your online banking facility is enabled). You can use HBL, Allied Bank, Standard Charter Bank, MCB, BOP, Faysal Islamic Bank, or Jazz cash.

How can I shift my connection to a new place?

Specific rules are under consideration when it comes to shifting a connection to a new place

  • If the original site owner name is the same as the owner of the connection, then the shifting on the connection will be processed
  • There will be charges for removing, reinstallation, and adding more material

How can I get my load extended?

A form will be used to request the extension of the load. There will be charges if you have availed any subsidy or benefits while applying for connection, and there will be additional charges for the cost of the material.

I have not received my bill; what should I do?

Please contact the division office if you are consistently not receiving the bills. You can get the bill duplicate from near utility stores.

How can I reduce my electricity bill?

Following steps can be used to reduce the electricity bills

  • Unplug all the devices that are not used like TV, Laptop, Iron, or any other machine that is used regularly.
  • Avoid using appliances on-peak hours.
  • LED’s along with energy savers is one of the best ways to save electricity
  • Inverter AC can easily save a lot of power, try to use that instead of Split AC