LESCO New Connection

Electricity is the most basic need now a day. Recently electricity companies have introduced an online system to facilitate the users to apply for a Lesco new connection. It includes an online application form and a copy of that form that the nearby office will receive. If you are living in a city that is under the observation of LESCO. The process is the same for all the cities


Below is the in-detail guide on how you can apply for a new LESCO connection in the cities which are under the observation of LESCO.

Step 1: Visit the ENC system website.

Visit the ENC system website and click on the “Apply New Connection” tab. I will take you the New Connection Page; you can simply fill the form to apply online.

Step 2: Fill the online application form

We are constantly updating the new jobs on our website; you have to keep an eye on our website to get it to touch with all the updates. Once there is a new job posted, the candidate should check the eligibility criteria, age limit, conditions, and the qualification before applying for the job.

  • First, you have to choose the connection type, whether it is domestic, commercial, industrial, tube well, agriculture, general services, temporary, or street light.
  • Then you have to fill the NTN number
  • The next step is to fill the STRN number
  • Then you have to LESCO under company field
  • Then simply write subdivision of your area
  • The next portion of the form is the applicant’s particulars. Fill the below explained details
  • The application status whether you are landlord or rental
  • Name of applicant
  • Name of applicant father
  • Government ID card number
  • Current Address
  • Details of Mobile Numbers

The next portion is the contact person information, it can be same as above, if not then provide the following details

  • Name of the Contact person Government ID card number
  • Mobile Number
  • Current Address
  • Relationship of a contact person with the applicant
  • Mailing Address
  • The next portion of the form is premises detail. Fill the below explained details
  • Numbers of meters that are already working on your connection
  • The required minimum load on the applied connection
  • The address of the location where the connection is required

The next portion of the form is neighbor information. Fill the below explained details

  • The reference number of the neighbor connection
  • Name and current address of the neighbor’s house

Step 3: Upload the scanned attachments

The next step is to upload the scanned Property document, Attested CNIC copy of applicant, attested CNIC copy of witness, and neighbor’s electricity bill copy. The details of documents are explained below

  • Property document copy: You have to show the ownership proof of your property; it can be a registry or any other verification. Documents can be attested from one class government officer
  • The other part is the undertaking of the applicant that there is no electricity already installed, or there are no overdue charges that need to be paid. If there will be any, then the applicant is responsible for paying for that.
  • If the property is a Joint Venture, mean multiple people own the property, then the POA will be owned by the person who is applying for it from owners.
  • If a person that is living on the rental property then there will be no objection needed from the owners
  • Applicant and the two witnesses should submit the attested copy of CNIC, and if the application is for a single-phase then there is no need to provide any witness document
  • Lastly, the applicant should submit the bill copy of the neighbor as well.

Step 4

The next step is the submit the form after lining all the information explained in the above steps. Once the information is submitted, then you have to take the printout of the application form.

Step 5

Make a folder that will include the application form and all the above-listed documents. Then submit this folder to a nearby office of LESCO. The process is the similar to submit sepco online bill.

Step 6

Once the online application and the folder is submitted then the LESCO will provide a demand notice after verifying all the details. Then you have to pay the demand notice of LESCO in the nearby mentioned bank. Kindly do submit a copy of the demand notice once it’s paid in the nearby concerned office for the future process.

Step 7

The last phase will be the verification of the demand notice payment, and once it’s done, the LESCO representative will install the connection. If the applicant is considered as a defaulter, then the application will be marked as rejected or canceled by the higher authority of DISCO.


If the application is incomplete or the documents that are submitted by the application are fake, then higher authorities can take legal action against the applicant. The application will mark as canceled immediately.

LESCO Bill Online


What is demand notice that is issued by LESCO?

The new connection of LESCO is not free, the demand notice is the challan that is issued by LESCO, and it’s the fee to get a new connection. It should be submitted to a nearby bank as mentioned in the demand notice. Once it’s submitted, then the further process will proceed.

How to get a new connection with LESCO?

The process is explained above in detail. You have to apply on an online application form, and the required documents will be scanned and uploaded in the application. Once it’s done, then you have to submit the necessary documents and the proof of the ownership of your place to a nearby LESCO office. LESCO will provide a demand notice, and once it’s paid, the LESCO connection will be installed.

Is LESCO a new connection Free?

LESCO’s new connection is not free; there is a specific fee for that. For this, you have to contact the nearby concerned office to get an idea of the free. The estimated price for a new connection is around Rs-7000. You can contact Lesco helpline before applying for a new connection.

How to check the status of LESCO’s new connection?

To get an idea of whether the LESCO’s new connection is active or not, the best source to get the required information is to visit the nearby concerned office of LESCO.

How can I get my load extended?

A form will be used to request for the extension of the load. There will be charges if you have availed any subsidy or benefits while applying for connection, and there will be additional charges for the cost of the material. According to the research shared Pakistan has been facing energy crises from 5-6 years and it will take a lot of time to extend the load.