LESCO Bill Online Check

Have you lost your LESCO electricity bill? Or didn’t receive it yet? Don’t stress out! Now it is easy to check your LESCO bill online. You don’t need to go to the electric power office for your bill. In this world of the internet, you can get a duplicate copy of your bill just with one click.
LESCO has solved your problem by providing an online bill service option. You can now confirm and check your bill or take out a duplicate copy of your bill through the LESCO bill online.
Below is the guide for you to check your bill online. You can also download and print the bill.

What do you need?

The only thing you need is any of your previous bills to copy the information code from it. Enter the numerical numbers and easily reach your bill.
On the bill look for two numbers:

  • Reference number (15-digits)
  • Customer ID (7-digits)

On the top left corner, you will find these two numbers in the blue boxes. You can get information of your LESCO bill online by entering any one of these numbers.


There are three options to check your online bill, to get the exact duplicate copy or to crosscheck (if any error is there). The online bill option can also help you pay it off on time.

  • Insert your 15 digits reference number (given on the bill)
  • Insert your customer ID (given on the bill)
  • Send SMS or Email (for free of Cost)

The procedures to reach your Bill online through these options are given below. Apply any of them to get the advantage of the services LESCO is providing online.

LESCO Online Bill through reference number

The standard option to check your bill is by your reference number. It is given on the bill for your convenience. By entering it in the given system, you can get to your bill within seconds

What is the reference number on the LESCO bill?

The reference number is a series of 15- digit numbers. It is assigned to your electricity connection and meter. Through reference numbers, it is easy to process the bill and connect the received payment to the right bill. You can easily pay or get information about your bill through this number
Without a reference number, you have to pay extra charges for your bill. So make sure to save your reference number.

Where to find the reference Number on the bill?

The reference number is on the top left corner of the first page of the bill. Right below your information is the blue box of reference numbers. The image is given below.

LESCO online bill reference number

How to check the bill with a Reference number?

  • Firstly find your reference number on the bill or where you have written it for emergency purposes.
  • Firstly find your reference number on the bill or where you have written it for emergency purposes.
  • Enter a 15-digits numerical reference number in the box given below.
  • Cross-check your reference number to avoid any mistakes. So that you could save your time before re-doing the procedure.
  • Click on the Process button after entering your reference number correctly.
  • The system will originate your LESCO bill online automatically within seconds.
  • You can now check it or print it.

A screenshot of where to write reference number to calculate LESCO bill online

You can reset it and enter the reference number again if you are having any issues regarding your bill. Don’t forget to cross-check!

Bill through Customer ID

If you don’t have a reference number is written or the system is not generating your bill through a reference number. Customer ID is the second option. You can check your LESCO bill by it too. It’s the simplest method to check your bill, pay it on time, or get any information online.

What is Customer ID?

Customer ID is the identifier for the customer allotted by the electrical board at the time of the Lesco new connection. The electricity bill is prepared and sent to the customer based on this ID number only.

Where to find Customer ID on the bill?

You can find 7-digits customer ID right next to the reference number. Same in the top left blue box.

A screenshot of where to write reference number to check LESCO bill

How to check bills with Customer ID?

  • Note your customer ID down
  • Note your customer ID down
  • Enter the 7-digits Numerical customer ID in the required box.
  • Re-check any mistake in entering the number to save time.
  • After entering the customer Id, click on the process button
  • Within no time, the system will show you your LESCO bill online.
  • Now it’s your choice to download and print it.

A screenshot of Customer ID

Enter the accurate reference number and customer ID. You won’t get the results and the system will show an error if there is any mistake while entering the numerical codes. Cross check the numbers carefully after entering. If there is still any error then send an email or SMS to get updated on your bill.

Through SMS & Email

SMS or email can be a good option. LESCO is providing online electricity supply and bill information through SMS and Email service too. Register yourself as soon as possible for this service. Send a message or email to reach LESCO directly to solve your problem. This procedure is totally free of cost.
Instant action will be taken against any metering or billing issues.

How to send SMS or Email to LESCO?

  1. To send your email Click here to visit the following page.
  2. Select your service; whether you want to send the email only or SMS only or send both.
  3. Enter your 7-digit Consumer ID in the box.
  4. Insert your mobile number in the format of:1. Country code, Vendor code, and then the Mobile number (e.g. 92xxxxxxxxxx)
  5. Insert your accurate email ID on which you can get notified.
  6. Double-check all of the information.
  7. Then Click on Submit\Update. Your email or SMS will be sent.

LESCO online bill with sms service

Make sure to enter the right information so that you could get notified according to your need and your problem could be solved in time.

How to get LESCO duplicate bill in printed form?

You can recover anything because this era of computers has made our life a lot easier. Visiting the electric power can be hectic sometimes. Save your time and with just one click get your duplicate bill and pay it on time.

Below are the steps to get your duplicate bill downloaded and printed without any pain.

  • Inset your Reference number\consumer ID
  • Click the download button
  • Download your bill in Pdf format
  • Open the Pdf file
  • Press Ctrl + P

Your bill will be printed through the printer immediately.

Reference Number Lesco Example

For printing the duplicate bill. A printer is required. Make sure you have the printer available around you. Without printer, you will be unable to print the pdf file of the downloaded bill. If you are from Hyderabad then you can check details for HESCO online bill which is an easy guide on how to submit bill.

How to pay the bill?

Got your duplicate bill online? Now it’s easy to pay your bill. Duplicate copy also works in place of the original. You can pay your bill by two methods which are given below:

Pay online:

If you are unable to go out and want to save your time. Then online payment is the best option for your busiest routine. You can pay your LESCO Bill online through your mobile applications or sites. Submit your details and pay it through any bank, Easy paisa, or Jazz cash.

Make sure your online banking services are activated.

 Pay offline:

You can also pay it offline like before. Download and print out your bill through the procedure. Take your duplicate printed bill to any branch of a nearby commercial bank or post office. Submit your bill and get the receipt.


Without the printed form of a bill. Any branch of the bank won’t submit your payment. So make sure to take your LESCO Electricity bill with you.

Best ways to pay bill online

There are many ways that you can pay your house bill online. LESCO, as the leading distribution company of Pakistan, has provided the facility of online LESCO bill payment within a second by selecting any commercial bank which is associated with LESCO.

This is the list of banks that are partnered with Lahore Electric Supply Company.

    • BANKS: Habib Bank limited
    • Askari Bank Limited
    • Muslim Commercial Bank
    • Allied Bank Limited
    • Bank Al-Falah
    • Faisal Bank
    • Easy Paisa
    • Jazz Cash

Habib Bank Limited HBL:

HBL is the first commercial bank founded in Pakistan and is widespread throughout the country. Over the years, Habib Bank Limited has grown its networking and branches all over Pakistan. HBL is also one step ahead in its internet banking.

You can easily handle all your banking affairs with just one click. Lahore electric supply company has also partnered with Pakistan’s leading bank. You can pay your electricity bill online.

All you need is to have the required amount in your HBL account.


You must follow these steps to pay your bill through your HBL application:

  • Download HBL application
  • Register yourself by filling in the requirements.
  • Select the payment option after signing into the app.
  • Click on the electricity bill payment.
  • Enter the necessary information and pay off the bill.


  • Open HBL online website
  • Select the option of internet banking
  • Login to your account
  • Choose the electricity bill payment option
  • Enter the necessary information, and your bill will be paid.


Askari Bank is included in the Pakistan stock exchange market and is also associated with online payment affairs.

It is a lot easy to pay your bill now; you just have to follow these steps:

    • Download application
    • Choose the payment option and click on bill payment
    • Select the “Utility” billing type
    • Select “LESCO” as a company
    • Add reference number
    • Confirm the mobile Pin and payment are completed.


MCB is also one of the most known commercial banks. Through MCB services, you can easily transact money online only by downloading the application. With the increased time, Muslim Commercial Banks have gained a lot of success in digital banking to facilitate their customers at home.

Just download the app and repeat the procedures by entering the essential information, and it’s all done


ABL is one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan. It serves universal banking. It offers day-to-day banking with daily services. ABL online banking system is strong to become the first choice of the customer.

With ABL digital banking system, you can control everything in your hands.


    • Download and register on the ABL app
    • Click on the pay bills option.
    • Choose the payment type as “New biller.”
    • Select the category of “utility” and name “LESCO.”
    • Enter consumer ID, and your bill will be paid.


Al-Fallah bank is the fifth largest private bank in Pakistan, with branches in 200 cities. It is included in one of the largest Islamic banking systems. Online banking is a widespread web to develop a business all over the country.

Online payments are also the major target for the ease of the customers.

Online Payment Method:

  • Login to the Al-Falah banking app
  • Select the utility option.
  • Click on the electricity bill payment
  • Select LESCO as a company
  • Add your consumer ID of the bill and pay off the bill.


Same like other banks, Faisal bank also plays a major role in delivering the best online banking services to its customers. It’s a lot convenient now to pay off all of your needs at home with the banking app.

Steps involved:

  • Make your digital bank account and log in.
  • Choose the category of bill payment and click on LESCO as company
  • Insert your customer ID or Reference ID
  • Your details will appear.
  • Click on Pay Now.


Easypaisa App:

Easypaisa is well known for many years and has served its customers a lot. It was launched for all of the branchless banks to be operated online. You can easily transfer your money from the bank to the easy paisa app or submit money from any of the Easypaisa shops nearby.

This application is a lot easy to be used for every individual and provides good quality service assurance of security.


  • Download the Easypaisa mobile application.
  • Register your account
  • Choose the “Pay Bills & Fees” option on the home page.
  • Enter your 5-digits Pin or fingerprint.
  • Select the bill type “Electricity.”
  • Click on the “LESCO” company.
  • Insert your 15-digits reference number.
  • Your bill information will be displayed.
  • Click on the “Pay Now” option.
  • Bill will be paid within seconds.


Jazz cash is also one of the most convenient applications to be used for utility bill payments. You just have to follow some simple steps to pay your electricity bill within your hands. This application is secure and safe, like other mobile transaction apps.


Make your jazz account by dialing *786# in your dial pad of the phone. The menu will appear on your screen. Choose option number 2 for billing payment. Then enter number 1 for “electricity bill” and select “LESCO” as the company. Next, you have to enter your reference number of the bill for payment. Confirm your selection, and your bill will be paid from your jazz cash.


  • Download the jazz cash application on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your mobile number and Pin to log in.
  • Select the “payments” option on the home screen.
  • Select the company “LESCO.”
  • Enter your consumer reference number from the bill.
  • Confirmation details will display on your screen.
  • Enter your mobile Pin.
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • Your bill is paid.


If you have an atm card, then it’s a lot easy to pay your bill by stepping into the ATM nearby you. If you are out somewhere and have your atm card, then this option is perfect for you.

All atm bank payments have the same procedure.

Steps involved in paying through ATM card:

  • Insert your ATM card in the ATM machine.
  • Click on language selection.
  • Enter your 4-Digits ATM pin.
  • Select “Payment” and then choose the “Electricity Bill” option.
  • Click on the “LESCO” option and Enter your Customer ID.
  • Your information will appear on the screen.
  • Pay your bill easily.


Every individual has a mobile in this era. LESCO planned the best for you to serve beyond the capability. You can now easily get the notification within your hand only by one notification that will pop up on your mobile set.

Register your mobile number And email to get early notification of load shedding so that you could schedule your plans or complete your tasks according to the notification.

With this innovative facility of LESCO, you can also keep a check on your bill payments, the due date of the bill payment, and meter reading. It’s a convenient way to confirm your bill payment and meter readings on time.

SMS and Email Alert:

Most people don’t know about this facility of LESCO. It’s the most beneficial service for the consumers to remain updated on their affairs regarding electricity, bill, and meter reading with the inclusion of the last date alert.

You can register yourself for this SMS and email alert by filling the form at the LESCO website. To fill the form, you need to enter the following:

  • Select service(SMS or Email)
  • Customer ID (7-digits present on the bill)
  • Mobile number
  • Email address(optional)


What is FPA, GST, CR, bill relief, e.t.c? These are the questions that click into the mind of every individual when they see the bill? So below, all of them are explained for the ease of every single citizen.


You may have seen CR represented on your bill with some amount. It is the credit on your bill. The amount that you have paid previously more than your actual bill amount. This overpayment or credit in your bill account is to be deducted from your next bill payment.

For example:

You paid an extra 1000 in your bill. It would be considered an advance payment for your next month’s bill. Your upcoming bill will represent CR= -1000 if your total bill is 2500, then with the deduction. You will have to pay 1500.

This option for the bill is convenient for people who want to pay in advance for next month to save time and money.


You have the choice to pay your bill on time or delay it. If there is “bill deferred” shown on your LESCO Bill, then you can pay your bill in installments and delay it till the next bill.


In this critical situation of Pandemic COVID-19, the Government of Pakistan introduced a relief package for the deferred payment of domestic consumers of all the electricity distribution companies. Domestic consumers(single-phase) can either pay all bills at one time or in three installments.

  • In this relief package, only those domestic consumers are relieved who have consumed up to 300 units or less than that.
  • For the estimation of installments in the bill, the total amount, including previous installments and arrears, will be considered.
  • There will be no mark-up charge or late payment surcharge.
  • For further ease, the consumer can pay the full bill whenever he wants to in the current month.


If you have any unpaid arrears which are pending, then you are not eligible to pay the bill in installments. For installments, you will have to pay interest according to bank rates.

SDO (operation):

If you have arrears up to 1000, then SDO LESCO will allow for three months installment of the bill.

XEN (operation):

Arrears approximately near 10,000 will be permitted three months installment from XEN LESCO.

SE (operation):

To the arrears, up to 100,000 four installments are allowed from SE.


FPA represents fuel Price Adjustment. It is the charges applicable to your electricity bill based on the price of fuel. As there is always a sudden rise and fall in fuel prices, it’s not constant, or there is no fixed price of fuel. FPA on bill changes with the variation in fuel cost. A rise in fuel cost increases the price of electricity consumed per unit.


Taxes are applied to every individual of the country for development and success. Everyone needs to pay taxes to balance the system. So, LESCO has applicable taxes on the bill as well.

Tariff realization surcharge:

It is the highest charge that is applicable to the LESCO bill. According to the Ministry of water and power, the TR surcharge is approximately 20-30% of the total bill. It means one-third of the bill is of tariff realization surcharge. With cross-subsidy, it is believed to keep all the tariffs uniform and reduction in overall power subsidy on the budget.

If the TR difference between NEPRA and the government of Punjab is positive, then the government will pay it as a subsidy. If it turns negative, then GOP is paid by the distribution company.

Financial cost surcharge:

In power holding privately limited, financial cost surcharge per unit is four paisas that are included in the bill. It is to collect 30-32bn for the recovery of debt servicing. The financial cost surcharge was started to be charged in June 2015. It ensures the smooth and consistent operation of the power sector.

General sales tax:

GST is also applicable to every consumer of electric power. Currently, the General sales tax is 17%. It is zero-rated at the industrial level, which means there is no GST for industrial consumers.

Arrears in the bill:

Arrears is the amount left that you didn’t pay in the last bill. It is shown on your bill in case you paid half of the bill or changed it into installments. According to your remaining payment, arrears are mentioned and included in your bill.

Lesco Bill Calculator


Sometimes there is a delay in receiving the bill on time. So, the LESCO bill online service has made your life easy. If you misplaced the bill or there is any problem with having the bill. You can check your bill online easily. You can still pay it on time by printing it within seconds.
You only need a reference number or customer ID to get your bill online. Check it from your previous bills and enter it in the given system to easily get your bill.
For emergency, purposes make sure to note the reference numbers and consumer ID numerical numbers on your notepad. In case you can’t find any previous bill then noting it somewhere else can save you from big trouble. Make sure to save it for safety purposes.