Pakistan Latest Sim Database 2021

Pakistan Latest Sim Database 2021 is now fully updated you’ll check latest detail of SIM numbers and CNIC numbers. Pak e-service 2021 – Pak sim datais the simplest Apllication. It’s vital to understand that what percentage SIMs are registered on your CNIC. Pak e-service 2021 – Pak sim data Mast b use.. In SIM verification: Pakistan app you’ll get information about number of SIMS registered… Read More »

How to Download and Check FESCO Bill Online

Introduction Presently you can check FESCO Online Bill in truly straightforward advances. Very much like other electric organizations, FESCO likewise presented its online framework. There are different ways you can get your bill. The initial step, as you definitely know, you generally get your bill at your doorstep consistently. The subsequent strategy is you can… Read More »

Electric shock treatment: First aid for electric shock

An electric shock is a painful stimulus when a person comes in contact with any source of electric energy. For example, if a person comes in connection with a bare conductor through which the current is flowing, he will get an electric shock. Electric shock is the flow of electric current through a person’s body… Read More »