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Lahore Electric Supply Company is providing electricity services in most of the cities of Punjab. Firstly, It is generating 132KV of power and they are trying to increase the production up to 20OKV. Secondly, It is operated within Operational, Constructional and GSO circle. LESCO has a total of 8 departments. Lastly, LESCO is providing multiple type of connections and user need to find what suits the best according to the need. Moreover, it is one of the best service provider as compared to all the other services. During the COVID-19 circumstances it is affected a lot. We are facilitating our customers by providing a lot of information. A detailed guide about Lesco is provided as follows:


Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company is operating solely in Faisalabad. Due to limited operating circle it is very efficient in bill collection and and the power losses are very limited due to constant check. Faisalabad is considered as one of the top industrial zone of Pakistan due to its massive export products. Moreover, they are providing electricity to over 400,0000 clients across Faisalabad, Bhakkar and Jhang. FESCO is a part of WAPDA and it is offering protected power to mechanical zones. A detailed guide about Fesco is provided as follows:


Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company was established in 1998 and it is offering power to Sindh. HESCO is operating in 4 circles and it is providing power to over 1 million clients. However, they are answerable to 12 districts of Sindh. Lastly, HESCO is providing online bill submission service which is a great initiative in the days of Covid-19. HESCO is a part of Wapda from the beginning.


The oldest yet the greatest company that is managing water and electricity supply services in Pakistan. Lesco, Fesco, Hesco are the sister companies in Water and Power Development Authority.  It only manage hydel power plants across all Pakistan. In 1958, Wapda has increased the power generation up to 199MW which was a huge achievement back in the days of partition. It is operating under one Chairman and three wings that include power, water and finance wings. Lastly, Federal Government of Pakistan is controlling Wapda and they are trying their level best to improve the services.


SEPCO stands of Sukkur Electric Supply Company and it is one of the sister company of wapda. It is providing electricity services to Sukkur and nearby regions. We can access the SEPCO bills easily using internet and we can easily duplicate our bills with the ease of just 1 click. This is a great initiative in the times of Covid-19. A detailed guide about Lesco is provided as follows:


In this section of our website we try to provide latest information about all the electricity companies. Our main goal is to share useful information like how to get electric shock treatment. Moreover, we provide information about how to treat a patient that faces an electric shock and how we can reduce the electricity bills by using solar panels.